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Our number one priority in repairing your vehicle is safety.

Vehicles today are built with engineered features that are designed to protect you and your family in the event of an impact. When repairing these vehicles, it is important that the correct procedures and materials are used so that those same safety features will perform properly in case of another impact. As collision repair professionals, all of our training, specialized equipment, our state of the art facilities and expertise ensure repairs that not only look great, but will perform great.

To make your vehicle look great, We followed the footsteps of most auto manufacturers and other world class collision repair centers  and partnered up with PPG automotive finishes to exclusively use their line of paint products. After the refinishing process, the curing process in our SprayBake oven or by infrared heating ensures a durable finish. Only then can it be carefully and skillfully polished to a perfect shine!

Call us first!

We're happy to discuss the options available with or without insurance or to walk you through the insurance claims process. We work with all insurance companies and accept all insurance payments. Don't let your insurance company send you to one of their discount shops! We are a completely independent repair facility and we avoid these relationships in order to be able to provide the highest quality repairs and parts.

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